Mazraeh-ye sadat villa


 Site : Mazraeh-ye Sadat village. A pleasant weather area around Lavasan, Tehran. And a small triangular shaped land with a high slope (65%). Its small leg is parallel to the street and its other two sides are surrounded by neighboring buildings. In such a way that if the second neighbor decides to build, an window with no more than 3.5 meters width  will remain to see landscape view of the site.
The Client : The client’s main request was to design a suite and a villa with a total build-up of 450 meters that can be used separately.
The Architect : a villa is a place to temporary rest; To escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. To experience a sense of liberation. 
But the smallness of the land, its bad shape , its steep slope, the excessive closeness of the neighboring buildings to the site walls and the density requested by the client were serious obstacles to achieve this sense of liberation and freedom.
The Designing : In facing the slope of the site, there were two common encounters:eliminating the slope or making it a the first option, due to the steep slope of the land, in reality, we were not only faced with a large amount of excavation, but by going deep into the site, the view of the surrounding scenery was reduced to a minimum. And by stepping the slope, due to the site being surrounded by neighboring buildings, the feeling of being trapped and surrounded by going to the lower levels of the site was intensified.In this way, instead of following the slope or eliminating it by reducing the width of the villa as much as possible and using a cantilevered volume on the slope, construction area involved with the slope was minimized.