Hamroo Coworking

In this renovation of a coworking space , due to the small size of saloon , providing a coworking space between 35 to 40 people without using conventional separations was request of the client .In this way, the question was raised: How can users sit beside together while their privacy is not only lost but improved. How can be in the crowd while strengthen individuality ? For this reason, we tried to strengthen the sense of togetherness by creating a circular form . the meeting room and the rest area were placed in the emty space of the round table.And then by hanging plants from the ceiling, while creating visual barriers to protect the privacy of the users, a quieter space for work was created. Finally, by using a mirror on the ceiling, we tried to increase the size of the space from a sensory point of view. mirrored sheets was used for facade of meeting room to hide it from view and by reflecting the hanging plants in it and in the ceiling make greenery sence of the room more.