Derrida Bench

The binary system has profoundly affected our lives and our thoughts, such as top and down, beauty and ugly, good and bad, man and woman and etc. One side of this binary system has always been considered to be superior and in opposition to another. This binary system had a deep impact on process of design, such as form and function. At Derrida’s bench (in honor of Derrida, a philosophe who challenge the binary oppositions), we have tried to challenge this binary system.
In the prevailing perception of the “bench”, its legs have always played somehow supportive role of the seating. And this function can be seen in the form of a typical bench clearly. At Derrida’s bench, our concern has been how the structure of the bench itself can be the bench, and vice versa and how the base and the legs of the bench can have an equal value and both of them serve as both legs and seat simultaneously